Hey everyone! I’m Pete Mitchell and thanks for dropping by my site.

My journey to this place starts several years back when my first long term relationship imploded. We had been together for two years when she just left. I went to work in the morning and when I came back she was out of the apartment. All she left was a note!

She was never good with confrontation so it wasn’t surprising she cut out on me that way. After many phone calls and a few embarrassing stops at her job I learned that she decided to leave because she was sick of our sex life and she didn’t want to hurt me by coming right out and telling me. That was a real kick in the nuts but it wasn’t all bad because it led to pretty significant changes in my life.

I really was crappy in bed. It wasn’t really my fault; I never had a girlfriend that would actually tell me what to do. What are you supposed to do about that? It turns out that you have to take your sexual skill into your own hands and learn about giving girls orgasms in any way you can. I didn’t do that after I got dumped though (of course not!).

What I did was turn to the quick fix stuff you can find all over the internet. I focused first on my penis size. I’m within the average length (5-6 inches) but I wanted something bigger. I ordered pills that cost me a small fortune and they honestly didn’t do a damn thing. I ordered one of those horrible penis stretching things and wore it for three months. I was a little longer when flaccid because the skin was stretched by I was the same size erect, which is the only thing that matters when you’re talking about penis size.

The pills never delivered on all their promises of better and bigger orgasms either. It was always the same. I guess I shouldn’t have expected more from a bunch of herbs thrown together into a pill. Why did I ever think that would work? It took me a while to come around to the notion that having a better sex life is about getting better at making girls cum.

It seems so simple right? Instead of thinking about myself so much I had to turn my attention to thinking about my partner. Once I did that everything came easy. I learned how to give orgasms in a variety of ways so the sex I had was far better. I learned that foreplay is hugely important for almost all women and that if you put some time into it you’re going to have much better sex and the girl is much more likely to orgasm.

I’m still learning but there are a few important lessons I’ve learned. First, guys are lazy and that’s the leading cause of sexual dissatisfaction. We just want the girl to give us a blowjob and then get on top and ride until we cum but that’s not really how it works. You need to give just as much as you get and giving your penis doesn’t count. Second, men are way too obsessed with penis size. Most women that have been with many different sized dicks will tell you that the size doesn’t actually matter much. Forget about penis size guys! Stop being lazy and concentrate on the girl a little more and yourself a little less and your sex life will improve in ways you never imagined. That is why I started this site to share with the world my success and expose the scam that is the sex pill market! Here you can read reviews from actual people and share your own experiences on your quest to discovering the G Spot!