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Shawna Lenee is a lovely blonde pornstar with a great body, a wonderful smile, and a lust for both men and women. Her sex life has long included interludes with both sexes and more than most people she is qualified to give advice on how to make women orgasm, which is why she made 2 Girl Teach Sex, a set of DVDs designed to turn men into sexual gods (her words). She works with other girls in the DVDs and they show you sexual positions, techniques with your tongue and fingers, and a whole lot more.

The package comes with five DVDs and a training manual that has written instructions on making girls cum. Each DVD delves into different techniques and positions and it’s all about giving a girl an orgasm or multiple orgasms so she’ll never leave you. She talks at length about getting your girl sexually addicted to you, which is a good way to ensure any super hotties you manage to bag never want to leave you. She reveals truths about women, like the fact that they’re never going to tell a man if he’s bad in bed and that they absolutely hate telling a man what to do sexually.

It’s up to you to figure out how to have better sex because your girlfriend doesn’t want to be your teacher. It’s up to you to learn about giving a girl an orgasm and these DVDs, priced at $97.00 for the full package, are chock full of info. They’re also chock full of a beautiful young blonde with big tits having lesbian sex so you’re also getting some pretty great porn. She promises that you’ll get more sex if you follow her secrets and that sex will never become boring, which is a problem in every relationship.


"A Woman Requires Great Care" 10/10
I will admit that until a few months ago I knew nothing about giving a girl an orgasm. I just thought that you put your cock in the pussy and then you thrust until you both cum. That’s how it works, right? Well, a series of terrible relationships strewn behind me would indicate otherwise. It seems that you need to take greater care with a woman if you actually want to have good sex.

I actually saw a banner ad for 2 Girls Teach Sex on a porn site and I clicked out of reflex. I fucking love Shawna Lenee. Anyway, when I got to the part about how your girlfriend will never tell you if you’re bad in bed I knew instantly that I was the guy they were talking about. I was the one that sucked at sex. I bought the program that day. Now I’m having better sex and I’m still learning the techniques.

Date: 9/24/2011 | Name: Jason Lesner | Age: 25 | Location: Coral Gables, FL

"Foreplay Is A Must When Having Sex" 9/10
The day my girlfriend dumped me in a total fit of rage was awfully traumatic. She told me that she had been faking her orgasms the entire time we’d been together and she was sick of it. She was utterly pissed off. I guess she just let it build up and she wanted to be having better sex so I was out the door. Christ that was embarrassing and awful.

It was also a good thing because it led me to search for a solution and to change things up. I ended up at 2 Girls Teach Sex, which is way more helpful than you’d think. I thought it was probably some sort of scam at first but this is a big package with all five DVDs and they really do teach good stuff. The foreplay techniques have been the most helpful to me as I’ve learned that what goes on before the sex is just as important as what happens during.

Date: 9/01/2011 | Name: Richard Shumen | Age: 27 | Location: Eugene, OR

"Bad Sex Is A Real Problem" 9/10
Me and my girlfriend have been together for three years and for a while we were not having good sex. I struggled with giving her orgasms and it really affected our sex life. We’ve always been really great friends so we didn’t even think about breaking up but it was a major downer that led to depression and weight gain. The bad sex was a real problem.

Neither of us had been with anyone before we got together so the information provided by 2 Girls Teach Sex was revelatory. We ordered it and watched it together (she was a little uncomfortable with the lesbian sex at first) and it was like our minds had been blowing. We tried everything Shawna recommended and we’ve honestly been having better sex since then. We owe our improved sex life to her and we highly recommend the product.

Date: 7/28/2011 | Name: Jared Lucas | Age: 30 | Location: Vancouver, BC

"You Should Not Have To Beg For Sex" 9/10
Have you ever been in a relationship where it feels like you’re always begging your girlfriend for sex? I was in one of those and it turns out I was always having to beg because she didn’t like sex that much. Yup, giving a girl an orgasm was a bit of a struggle for me, although I didn’t know that because she had been freaking faking it. Damnit!

Things got better, honestly, when I ordered the 2 Girls Teach Sex package. I was a little taken aback by the price but I went for it. There’s a ton of content on the DVDs and some of it is a little silly – the stuff about sexually addicting your girlfriend to you is pretty dumb – but the more sensual stuff they teach has been a godsend. Now I’m having better sex and I actually know about giving a girl an orgasm in ways I didn’t before.

Date: 7/04/2011 | Name: Adam Gross | Age: 29 | Location: Seattle, WA

"Woman Hate To Fake It" 8/10
The fake orgasm is the bane of all men. It’s a crime and women should knock it off. If a guy isn’t making you cum then don’t fake it. Make him do it better! It’s certainly better than what happened to me, which was my girlfriend screaming at me after sex one night. I told her that I thought we had a great sex life and she just blew up. I nearly fell out of the bed.

It turns out she was faking because she didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Yelling at me was just fine though, apparently. After that nightmare played out I began my search for the keys to having better sex. Finding 2 Girls Teach Sex was what perfect for me. Shawna taught me about giving a girl an orgasm and doing it over and over again. I’m still with that girl and she still feels bad about yelling at me like that and not telling me sooner. Our sex life is great now though so it’s all forgotten.

Date: 6/28/2011 | Name: Mike Thomas | Age: 22 | Location: Norfolk, MA

"You Can Always Improve Sexually" 9/10
I’ve always had a good sex life. I know how to give a girl an orgasm and my cock is plenty big. I have good sex with all my partners but I tend to get bored with it after a while. I know that’s my problem but it’s a problem nonetheless. I decided to do something about it when I met a girl that I knew I wanted to marry. That meant I had to live with the boredom or do something about it.

I went online searching for ways to introduce kinky stuff into the bedroom without running her off. 2 Girls Teach Sex was the best option so I whipped out my credit card and made a purchase. The second DVD, which she calls Forbidden Sex Secrets, had lots of good stuff that worked for me. They went into particular detail about how to do the kinky stuff without scaring her and it worked really well. I’m totally satisfied and now I have an even better sex life and I’m married!

Date: 5/05/2011 | Name: Dan Goodell | Age: 30 | Location: Plainview, TX

"Must Girls Can Squirt With The Right Orgasm" 10/10
I’m a big fan of squirting porn and I always have been but I’ve never actually been able to make a girl squirt. I always knew I was missing something or doing something wrong but I never bothered to actually do anything about it until I came across 2 Girls Teach Sex. There’s a whole DVD about squirting orgasms that comes with a special technique to make the chick squirt.

It’s not just giving a girl an orgasm but giving her a mind blowing orgasm and making your sex life better because of it. It’s also about me feeling like I did something fucking awesome by making her explode like that. Sure, it’s totally selfish but I don’t give a damn because I want to see all that sexy squirting action. I kind of wish I could have bought the squirting DVD all on its own but the rest of them have good stuff too and I’ve learned a lot about having good sex.

Date: 4/30/2011 | Name: Keith Brown | Age: 30 | Location: Bedford. MI

"Having Better Sex Takes Two" 9/10
One day, my girlfriend came home from lunch with her friends and announced that she was unsatisfied with our sex life. Apparently, her friends were talking about how much sex they have and how many orgasms they have. My skill at giving a girl an orgasm was lacking as she told it. That was pretty rough to hear, obviously. She did it gently though and because of her kindness I was ready to solve the problem and start having better sex.

We did a bunch of research online and ended up with the 2 Girls Teach Sex program. It arrived in about a week and there was so much information in there it boggles the mind. It took us six months just to take it all in and start practicing it. The information about the importance of foreplay was the most helpful to me and it has honestly led to much better orgasms for my girlfriend, which is really all she wanted.

Date: 3/12/2011 | Name: Brian Jenner | Age: 30 | Location: San Diego, CA

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