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Orgasm Arts is one of the most comprehensive informational programs ever put together with regards to the female orgasm. It’s all about making a girl cum and it’s produced by a man that has literally dedicated his life to studying giving girls orgasms. He is insanely knowledgeable on the subject and his videos are stunningly in depth in the information they provide and their ability to help you with giving a girl an orgasm.

When you sign up you pay a onetime fee of $97 (they say it might go up in the future so this isn’t necessarily an accurate number) for access to the member’s area where you can download the 10 videos he has produced on giving orgasms. The videos cover basically every angle of the female orgasm. It starts with how to put your girl in the right mental space, which is just as important as anything else where female orgasms are concerned. Then it shifts to the actual physical manipulation of the vagina and the clit. You’ll learn about finding the g-spot, finding the a-spot, how to perform oral sex on a girl, how to make her squirt, and tons more.


Jason Julius is the guy behind Orgasm Arts and he does the videos. He uses a model vagina that looks so much like a real one that it’s actually hard to tell the difference. He uses his fingers and his tongue in all the ways you should so you can literally watch the videos and do everything he does to your girlfriend if you want (although such a clinical approach will likely not put her in the right mental place). There’s a ton of information here so it will take some time to take it all in but it’s all really useful information about giving a girl an orgasm so it’s worth the time.


"Its Not About The Size" 10/10
I don’t have a big penis and I’ve never been with a girl that said anything about it. The vast majority of women don’t give a damn about penis size because it doesn’t make a difference in the physical experience of sex. You know what makes a difference? When the guy doesn’t know a damn thing about giving a girl an orgasm.

Yea, that was my problem. I couldn’t make a girl cum to save my life because I didn’t know what I was doing. I was a get on top and pump away kind of guy. I thought I was having great sex and each girl thought I was pretty much a loser (I actually went back and asked them, stupidly). I give Jason at Orgasm Arts credit for changing my approach to sex and making me better at making a girl cum. Now my girlfriends are excited about having sex.

Date: 9/25/2011 | Name: Ben Juric | Age: 29 | Location: Los Angeles, CA

"Practice Makes Perfect" 10/10
Learning is generally done through experience, especially when you’re trying to learn about something like sex. What happens if both partners have very little experience, though? How do they learn about having better sex is neither really knows how to do it? My girlfriend and I decided to try out Orgasm Arts.

We visited the site and gave an email address for the free video and we watched as Jason used a vagina model to show a basic finding the g-spot technique, which was awesome. I tried it out that night and it worked pretty well. After joining the site I downloaded everything and studied the hell out of those videos because I wanted to become an expert on better sex. I don’t know if I’d call myself that but I do know a lot about giving a girl an orgasm that I didn’t know before.

Date: 8/04/2011 | Name: Tim Kohn | Age: 26 | Location: Miami, FL

"I Used To Be A Selfish Lover" 10/10
For most of my sexual existence I was the sort of guy that would want the girl to take control during intercourse. I wanted her to tell me what to do and how to do it. I preferred that she just get on top and ride me so I didn’t really have to do anything. It was all very low pressure but it was also pretty far from great sex. After getting dumped in a particularly cold way I had an awakening that led me to change things.

I wanted to feel like more of a man. I wanted to be more of a man, in fact. I ordered Orgasm Arts on a whim and every day I would study the videos, memorizing the techniques for the next time I had a chance at giving a girl an orgasm. It wasn’t smooth the first time, I’ll be honest. I was still awkward and sloppy. However, armed with knowledge and the desire to do it well I was actually able to improve my technique in a major kind of way. Now I’m really good at finding the g-spot, using my tongue, and more.

Date: 7/28/2011 | Name: Jackson Johns | Age: 31 | Location: Toronto, ON

"Good Sex Takes Work" 9/10
It wasn’t very long ago that I was a complete sexual dummy. I mean a total fucking idiot. Hot damn did I not know the first thing about giving a girl an orgasm! I enjoyed sex and had enough of it but I didn’t have long term relationships and I didn’t actually make girls feel all that good. I needed help and the internet age makes anything possible.

The first time I visited Orgasm Arts I thought the guy, Jason Julius looked like a total d-bag. I was desperate though so I pushed through and read that huge wall of text on the site. It turns out this guy has a lot to teach. The most useful thing for me was all the stuff about putting the girl in the right mindset. Did you know that was so important to having better sex? At first I was totally resistant because it seemed like so much work, but of course that’s fucking stupid. If anything in the world is worth work it’s sex. Anyway, I really like the program.

Date: 6/12/2011 | Name: Dan Harris | Age: 33 | Location: Tampa, FL

"Woman Are Obsessed With The Gspot" 9/10
If you go to a newsstand and have a look at the women’s magazines it’s a rare month that one of them doesn’t mention the g-spot. Women are fucking obsessed with it which means it’s basically on the guy to learn about finding the g-spot. Can you? I sure as hell couldn’t and I really, really wanted to.

I bought a membership to Orgasm Arts because there’s a free 13 minute video that teaches you a technique for finding the g-spot. There’s no bullshit about it. The dude has a model vagina and he puts his finger in there and actually shows you how to find it. It’s easy as pie. I’ve used the technique since then and I have found the g-spot on many girls (not all seem to have one). All the other stuff he promised seemed to juicy to pass up so I bought the program and I know tons about giving a girl an orgasm now.

Date: 5/25/2011 | Name: Chad Brown | Age: 29 | Location: Woodland Hills, CA

"It Was Time To Improve My Sex Life" 10/10
When you’re girlfriend storms out of your apartment after telling you that you are basically worthless in bed you know you’ve done something wrong. You also know that it’s probably time to look into changing that because that sort of rage is more than just her lashing out. That’s something she’s been keeping inside for a while.

That happened to me and it was horrific. Our relationship wasn’t particularly good but I always thought the sex was good enough. We could have been having better sex, of course, but she was fucking pissed! It’s the reason I jumped in with both feet on the Jason Julius program Orgasm Arts. I read everything about it, read reviews online, and decided it was the key to me learning about giving a girl an orgasm. I was right and it really has done wonders for my sex life.

Date: 5/17/2011 | Name: Jeff Scire | Age: 28 | Location: Sterling, VA

"Average Sex Life Will Doom A Marriage" 9/10
My wife and I have been married for seven years and for six of those our sex life was pretty average. Our honeymoon had lots of fights about sex because it wasn’t going well and there were long dry periods where we didn’t have sex at all. We were both committed to having better sex though and eventually I came to the realization that it really had to come from me.

I think that’s just how this stuff works. I’m the one with the penis that gets off no matter what you do to it. She’s the one with the clit that is mercurial and needs finessing to make orgasm. That’s why I had to learn all the keys to giving a girl an orgasm. I fucking did it though! I purchased Orgasm Arts and all that comes with it and I’ve been studying it for over a year now. Yeah, there’s that much information here. It’s definitely led to a better sex life though.

Date: 4/30/2011 | Name: Matt Lenard | Age: 36 | Location: Chandler, AZ

"It Takes A Lot To Give A Woman An Orgasm" 10/10
Did you know that there are orgasms of different qualities for women? Well, I had no fucking idea. I thought an orgasm was an orgasm. Stupid me. I got dumped because my girlfriend had experienced much better orgasms with other boyfriends and I wasn’t getting it done. That prompted some soul searching and some internet searching for answers.

A video for Orgasm Arts showing g-spot stimulation convinced me it was something worth trying. There are 10 different “modules,” which are essentially lessons. Each one teaches something different and holy crap there’s a lot of good stuff in there. Without question my favorite part is the squirting orgasms because those are always accompanied by many thanks from my current girlfriend. It’s just a much better orgasm and she loves me for it. I love giving them to her too.

Date: 3/12/2011 | Name: Jack Bronson | Age: 26 | Location: Denver, CO

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