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Keni Styles is a former nominee for the AVN Male Performer of the Year award (those are the official porn awards) and he’s also a former sufferer of premature ejaculation. That’s obviously no longer an issue as he can basically last as long as a scene needs these days. Keni shares his secrets for lasting longer on his set of DVDs which her calls Superman Stamina. There are three DVDs included and they offer an exhaustive program for improving your sexual stamina. The goal is to lead you to having better sex, having more confidence, and sleeping with super hot chicks.

Keni suffered from PME for the first ten years of his sex life and it crushed his confidence, which spreads like a virus throughout a man and renders him unable to talk to a woman successfully, let alone have sex with her. It was while in the military that Keni made his breakthrough that led to better and longer lasting sex. It’s all explained in great detail on the site for Superman Stamina, but suffice it to say that he needed to find the mental fortitude to survive the brutal training they put him through and that led to the ability to last longer.

The Superman Stamina guide to having better sex and building more sexual stamina features three DVDs. The first is where you do most of the learning as he details all the secrets with the help of Tori Black. In the second you can actually see him in action with a pornstar as he has sex with her and talks to you about what he’s doing to ensure he lasts a long time. In the third DVD Tori Black works with you on interactive exercises that will ensure you last as long as you want in bed. It’s detailed stuff and the results are great.


"Calming The Mind Will Help You Last" 9/10
I have a subscription to Maxim Magazine and in one of the issues they highlighted this program, the Superman Stamina DVDs. I’ve pretty much always had trouble with lasting long enough in bed or when I’m masturbating so I went for it. I wanted the better sex they promised, although I wasn’t really interested in lasting 45 minutes because my girlfriend’s vagina would be chafed to hell after that much fucking.
I popped in the first DVD when it arrived and for me the helpful techniques were the mental stuff. He wasn’t telling me to think about baseball or anything; that’s stupid. It was more about calming the mind so I didn’t get so freaking aroused that I popped in a minute. There’s other good stuff in there too and the DVD with Tori Black is really sexy. She’s just awesomely gorgeous and I actually jerk off to that all the time.

Date: 9/25/2011 | Name:David Warren | Age: 21 | Location: Chino Hills, CA

"Women Want Sex To Last" 8/10
My dick is not huge and because of that I have no chance at finding the g-spot, which I’ve always heard is pretty deep in the pussy or requires a curve or something. Who cares? Maybe it doesn’t even exist and is just some stupid made up thing. My girlfriend tells me all the time that the size of my cock doesn’t matter because she gets off on her clit being rubbed. She just needs it rubbed for a fairly long time.

When we fuck every thrust gives the clit stimulation because my crotch is bumping into hers. The thing is, I only last five or six minutes. That’s pretty good but she wants longer sex, which is better sex. She wants me to have more sexual stamina. I was pretty shocked when I saw the price of Superman Stamina was $100 (just because they say it’s a $350 value doesn’t mean that’s true) but I jumped in anyway. It’s been money well spent so far because I have doubled the time I last. That’s the sexual stamina I was looking for.

Date: 9/14/2011 | Name: Scott Banks | Age: 23 | Location: Benton, OH

"Changing Your Mindset Leads To Better Sex" 9/10
I’ve always had shitty confidence when it comes to sex. I’ve always been terrible at giving a girl an orgasm because of it. I’ve always wanted to be having better sex and because of that I’ve spent a fortune on crap that didn’t work. I’m one of those suckers that buys those stupid looking packets at the deli that talk about making sex better the instant you take them. Seriously, none of that works so don’t bother with it!

You know what works? Changing your mindset. That’s it. That’s the key to having better sex. Don’t fret about finding the g-spot or making your dick bigger. Yeah, some girls want a guy with a big cock but for most girls the actual penetration doesn’t generate much pleasure. It’s all the friction on the outside, man. Anyway, I wanted to say that despite the pitch for it seeming a little over the top that Superman Stamina actually helped me reach a new mental state with sex and that has made all the difference.

Date: 8/17/2011 | Name: Carl Frost | Age: 27 | Location: Spring Hill, FL

"Focus, Focus, Focus" 8/10
I first visited Superman Stamina because I had been dumped by a girlfriend who actually told me I didn’t last long enough for her. She didn’t bother trying to work it out or anything; just dumped my ass. Fucking weak. I got sad and then mad and then I turned to the internet for some help.

The site for Superman Stamina is a fucking wall of text. The dude never stops writing because he apparently has a lot to say. I didn’t read it all. I skipped to the bottom where he details what he actually teaches you. I purchased a copy (a little bit pricey!) and started watching. At first it seemed kind of stupid. Really, just thinking a certain way is going to make me last longer? That’s going to give me a better sex life? After actually doing what he recommends I was blown away that it actually worked. It’s not nearly as great as he says it is – I can’t last 45 minutes – but it really did work.

Date: 7/20/2011 | Name: Kyle Martin | Age: 31 | Location: West Covina, CA

"Longer Sex Is Better Sex" 9/10
One night I was out with my friends complaining about getting dumped again. I’ve never had a relationship go more than three months despite wanting them to. I was complaining about the girls when one of the guys basically told me to shut the fuck up and that if every relationship I’m in ends before three months have passed then clearly something is wrong with me, not the girls.

That hurt. Seriously. After that passed I started to think he was probably right. That led to plenty of thinking and the conclusion that I’ve never really had a good sex life with any of the girls I’ve dated. They always seem dissatisfied after sex. I usually just ignore it, which is probably why I get dumped. Anyway, I now own Superman Stamina and have been doing everything for a month and so far I have more sexual stamina. I slept with a girl last weekend it was definitely much better sex than before. I feel like I’m heading in the right direction.

Date: 7/12/2011 | Name: Bradley Griffen | Age: 24 | Location: Pittsburgh, PA

"Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks" 10/10
I’m 35 and my whole life I’ve struggled with giving a girl an orgasm. I know, that really sucks and it makes me pretty pathetic. I have relationships but none of them go that well and they certainly don’t last. We have decent sex but it’s never good sex because I don’t really last long enough. It turns out that’s the key to making women cum.

I did a shitload of research on this project to find out what was going to work best for me and I decided on the Superman Stamina program. The guy makes a pretty convincing argument for why you should buy so I did. I enjoyed all three of the DVDs and they really have led to an improved sex life. I’m actually having better sex now. The DVDs were super expensive but worth it. The 2 DVD oral sex magic thing that came as a bonus was pretty silly but everything else was good and helped me a ton.

Date: 6/30/2011 | Name: Joel McCain | Age: 35 | Location: Woodland Hills, CA

"Dont Bring Your Psychological Baggage Into The Bedroom" 9/10
About three months ago I had bottomed out totally. My girlfriend had dumped me and in a fit of desperation mixed with rage I emailed, called, and texted her endlessly until she would tell me why. When she actually told me I was not pleased because she said I was terrible at giving her an orgasm. I couldn’t last long enough! Why don’t girls ever tell guys that stuff instead of getting angry and dumping them?

So after all that messy stuff I decided to buy Superman Stamina, the program by pornstar Keni Styles. I found the first DVD to be the most useful because it has tons of actual stuff you can put to use to make you last longer. The stuff about getting rid of your psychological baggage was really helpful. Some of it was silly and didn’t work a bit but the main idea is that I’m having better sex and that I’ve found a girl that really loves me and is really happy with her sex life. Now I can give girls orgasms!

Date: 5/22/2011 | Name: Ronnie Franks | Age: 28 | Location: Jacksonville, FL

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